Home Business Insurance

Basic homeowners policies generally do not provide coverage for property claims or liability situations related to your business. This includes liability, inventory and equipment losses. If you are more than a one-person business, have traffic in and out or a separate entrance you may want to consider additional coverage. You may also want to consider additional coverage if you use a large portion of your home, or have equipment valued over $20,000. There are three different types of home-business insurance that can be added to your homeowners policy:

  • Business Pursuits Liability
    This provides the liability coverage for business activities excluded from your homeowners policy
  • Incidental Occupancy
    This provides coverage for the area of your home designated as your office, (when your primary office is in another location, for losses to your furnishings), equipment, inventory and electronic data.
  • Home Work/Business Endorsement
    This provides a broader level of protection for inventory, computers, office equipment, electronic data and liability.

Additional Considerations

Professional Liability
You may need an insurance policy that specifically addresses the liability issues of your profession.

Work from Home
If you work at home for your employer, you may want to make sure that your employer’s property and liability insurance will cover you in the event of business-related property damage or a personal injury situation while in your home.

Commercial Insurance
As your home business grows and becomes more complex you will need to consider a commercial policy for small business. K.S. Roth Insurance will work with you to help determine when this may become necessary for you.