Professionals Insurance

K. S. Roth Insurance Agency, Inc. insures professionals of all types including attorneys, accountants and architects.  In addition to common issues most professionals face, depending on your profession, you may have company-specific needs depending on the offered services. We work with you, one-on-one, to ensure coverage where you need it, including:

Errors and Omissions
Make sure to have a well documented internal system in place and ensure sufficient errors and omission coverage, even in the event of a baseless allegations.

Electronic Data and Valuable Papers

You may be covered for files and important documents in the event of a fire or other unforeseen occurrence, but will you be covered for costs required to work without them and/or rebuild the information?

Directors & Officers Liability
Will you be able to cover the costs associated with legal defense and damages if you are sued for wrongful acts, even in the case of a baseless allegation?

Employment Practices Liability

Do you have strong procedures documented and in place to prevent a lawsuit for alleged discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination? Would you be able to cover the cost of a multi-million dollar settlement?