Transportation Insurance

K. S. Roth Insurance Agency, Inc. insures wholesale transportation and logistics companies of all sizes. In addition to common issues, transportation and logistics companies may have company-specific needs depending on the offered services. We work with you, one-on-one, to ensure coverage where you need it, including:

Motor Truck Cargo
Do you have coverage when a trailer loaded and unhooked? Are there exclusions for cargo in your Motor Truck Cargo coverage?

Hazardous Materials
Preventative measures and an adequate level of insurance coverage are critical concerns of hazardous material handling. You may need a special Pollution policy to cover the clean-up or costs associated with exposure to hazardous materials.

Are you prepared to cover losses associated with the property in your care? Are you covered for storage of items that might become a hazard in the event of a fire or other unexpected occurrence?

Workers’ Compensation
There are unique Workers’ Compensation concerns very specific to transportation. For example, policies must be written for each state which a driver travels. We work with you in order to access and minimize potential risks as well as minimize the overall cost of claims.